Support and Executive Coaching

The success of any group starts with the small behaviors, routines, and good habits of the people involved. Rodney ensures that your organization's behavioral patterns are placed in the context of your vision, mission, and — most importantly — your organizational values by conducting an executive coaching. Contact us to learn how.

Understanding your ethical decision-making process gets the conversation going in the right direction! In many coaching situations, Rodney uses the Ethic Assessment Instrument (EAI) from the Williams Institute to identify competing values among the leadership team.


Successful interventions require executive coaching and management coaching to interpret day-to-day behaviors in the context of your company's culture. As an executive coach, Rodney ensures that the daily operations of your organization serve to further your objectives and create the environment you desire.

Rodney Slaughter is dedicated to ethical leadership and building resilience into your organization's culture.


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