Rodney is dedicated to ethical leadership and building resilience into your organization's culture.

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The future is uncertain, but that doesn’t mean your organization has to be. Across the country, people are turning to Rodney Slaughter Culture Consultant to strengthen their businesses and corporations so that they are prepared for climate change.

As your organizational culture consultant based in San Rafael, CA, he ensures that your operational behaviors empower you to succeed as the natural world changes around us. Through his organizational workshops, Rodney helps you to assess the culture of your group so that you can make more informed decisions and goals in the future.

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"With the cultural assessment of my organization, it didn't take Rodney long to identify areas that could be strengthened. He delivered a powerful workshop that focused on areas of trust and respect between all staff members. Rodney helped change the conversation and perspective employees have of their management. His engagement here was helpful and appreciated."
— Justin M., Fire Chief, Arcata Fire District —

"Rodney and I have collaborated on a wide range of topics from Alternative Fuel Vehicles to Solar Electric panels. Rodney's programs are creative— demonstrating his focus on environmental adaptability and sustainability."
— Sue K., Chief of Staff at Senator Steven Bradford (Retired) —

"I consider Rodney one of my most valued resources. His depth and breadth of knowledge over a wide range of subjects is amazing. Rodney is environmentally adaptive to each of the organizational cultures he is working with whether a fire department or community college. He himself is value driven, and he is considerate of the values in other organizations."
— Sam D., Fire Chief at Verdugo Fire Academy —

"For over 30 years Rodney has maintained a laser like focus on organizational culture. Combining this focus with his background and experience in public safety makes him the right person to talk to in regards to the climate crisis and building an adaptable and resilient organizational culture." His emphasis on ethical leadership to leverage change in a cultural system is spot on."
— Deborah W., Global VP of Human Resources, Stanley Security —

"People walk away from Rodney's ethical leadership workshops with a deeper insight and changed perspective on their leadership capabilities. I have had the experience of traveling and training with Rodney. He is well prepared to deliver perceptive and thought provoking workshops and training programs on a wide range of subjects."
— Ken V., Deputy State Fire Marshal III, Office of the State Fire Marshal (Retired) —

"In-touch with an organizations culture, Rodney delivers creative and inspiring workshops and training programs that affect systemic organizational change."
— Brian R., Executive Producer Of Live Events Onsite TV —

Create a Culture of Resiliency

Climate change has proven itself to be a global problem that doesn’t just require a global response, but also local mitigation and adaptation. Taking you beyond disaster plans, Rodney helps you integrate actions into your organization’s culture so that you can accelerate the process of resiliency and adaptation.

As your organizational culture becomes more resilient, you will be able to sustain your cultural identity effectively no matter what environmental challenges may come up. A resilient culture is a sustainable one, one that can maintain internal integration and continue to develop itself as a thriving entity. Contact Rodney today for more information about creating your improved organizational culture.

About Rodney Slaughter

Since 1980, Rodney Slaughter has been helping organizations from across the country achieve their organizational goals. Backed by a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development and more than 40 years of public safety experience, he has proven himself a team-builder with the skills and knowledge necessary to support any group of people or type of business. Reach out to him today to see his expertise and passion for yourself.
More About Rodney

To create successful cultural adaptations to a changing planet.

Mission Statement
To use organization cultures to develop survival strategies that reduce the impact of climate change on people and the organizational structures in which we function.

Rodney Values And...
+Respects organizational leaders that are personally committed to, and take ownership of, their own change management processes.
+Treasures organizations that are truly focused on humanity and the future sustainability of our planet.
+Appreciates the balance between organizational harmony and the conflict or tension necessary to sustain creativity, innovation, and growth.

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Rodney Slaughter is dedicated to ethical leadership and building resilience into your organization's culture.


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