Organization Cultural Assessment 

It can be difficult to see the big picture when you're in the middle of it all. To truly understand the culture of your group or organization, you need an outside perspective. To help you inform your future decisions and goals, depend on Rodney to perform a cultural assessment.

The Process
As a smart management practice, an Organization Culture Assessment can be conducted at any time to check on the health and vitality of your organization.

+ Provides leadership with baseline data preceding any organizational changes.
+ Document significant changes. Once cultural changes have been initiated, a second assessment can be performed and measured against the first.
+ Help people become aware of where we are now and where do we want to or must go?
+ Become the basis for a step-by-step and systematic organizational change plan.

To collect the necessary data to best describe your company culture, Rodney approaches your organization from a variety of perspectives. He is guided by the operational definitional of culture, which states that culture is a pattern of behavior that includes:

+ Thought (Surveys)
+ Speech (Interviews & Focus Groups)
+ Action & Artifacts (Observation)
+ The Ability to Pass On Knowledge & Values (Literature Review)

This is a standard data collection process, but the results are always surprising, informative, and, in many cases, inspirational.

Culture Change

Data collected from surveys, interviews, focus groups, literature reviews, and observations, allows for an in-depth discussion of what may or may not need to be changed. The culture change process is not always immediate. Instead, a lot of work and energy needs to be dedicated to the process.

Organization leadership must take an active role in creating the type of culture that they desire. The workforce, employees, suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders should also be included in creating the organizational change that will stick. The iterative process looks a lot like this diagram:

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Rodney Slaughter is dedicated to ethical leadership and building resilience into your organization's culture.


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